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C++ Programming Language Online Program

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C++ Programming Language Online Program

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  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 2+ Live Projects
  • Industry Recognized Certificate
  • Expert Instructors from Industry

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Companies highly recruiting C++ Programming Language Online Program candidates

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2-4 Months of Course Duration
40+ hoursof training (Live + Recorded)
100 % Online Program
Basic to Advanced Topics
3 + Projects
5 + Coding Quizzes
100 + Coding questions
24 * 7 Support
Expert Instructors
Affordable fees
Get Certificate
100% Job Assistance

5000 +
Students mentored
171000 +
Hours of training
10 +

Who can Enroll


  •   Students in pre-final/final year looking for good placements.
  •   Anyone interested in learning Graph Theory or data concepts.

Working Professionals

  •   Software Developers looking for opportunities in top-tech companies.
  •   Software Developers with basic coding experience looking to upskill.
  •   Software Developers already working in leading service-based companies.


  •   Programmers/Coders with basic coding experience looking to upskill.
  •   Competitive Programmers looking to upskill for various competitions.
  •   Programmers who are passionate about learning Graph Theory in detail.

Tools & Technologies covered

Mentors & Instructors


Hi, I am Dhruv Sharma , Founder & Senior Mentor at Dhruvon Technology.

I believe in the idea of "gharghar coder", i.e , aims at providing access to learn programming to every house in the country. I have transformed more than 2000+ students in the field of coding by achieving their dream position in different companies like Dream11, Walmart, TCS, Infosys , etc.


Hi, I am Abhishek Bhardwaj , Works at Square | Ex - PayPal

Product Lead at Square, responsible for the seller experience and operations on Square Online, Square's e-commerce product. Before Square, Abhishek worked for 9 years at PayPal, managing various products for small and medium businesses at PayPal. Abhishek started his career as a full-stack engineer and later transitioned to Product Management. Abhishek currently lives in San Jose, California..


My name is Shikha Singh and I am a professional coding teacher with over 6 years of experience.

I hold a B.E. degree and have a strong passion for helping others learn and grow in the field of computer science. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of programming languages including Python, C++ , javascript and more One of my greatest joys as a teacher has been the opportunity to work with over 500+ students, helping them to achieve their goals and succeed in their studies. I am dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized instruction to each and every one of my students.


I am Jyotika Negi , Full stack web development instructor at Dhruvon.

I have been teaching web development with HTML, CSS, Javascript for more than 2 year now . I have been conducting webinars and introductory sessions on web development for more than 3 years, also participated in various Hackathons and worked on various web applications and websites that includes movie recommendation system, tiktok ,Instagram clone etc. At Dhruvon, I am just combining my two passions that is coding and teaching


My experience with Dhruvon was remarkable, everything I learnt was easy to comprehend and it was explained in a very elaborate but brief manner, it was a very easy method to understand such a hard course as it would have taken me months to understand it from someone else. Wherever I had a doubt it was cleared in only a few minutes with proper feedback too.

Gaurav Punjabi

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Dhruv Sharma (course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.

Akshat Kaushik

My Son surprised me with his coding skills & the credit goes to Dhruvon for making his learning so simple yet informative. Dhruvon teaches in Hindi. I believe that's their USP


How to earn the Certificate ?

Upon successful completion of the course you will earn a certificate. Dhruvon will offer you a certificate based on your success on many metrics such as attendance in sessions, assessment scores, and so on.


Introduction to Programming
  • History
  • C vs C++
  • Benefits of C++
  • Installation
  • Structure of C++ Program
  • Header Files And Main Function
Basics Of C++
  • Introduction to Data types and Variables
  • Getting input from user
  • Keywords Operators
  • Binary Operators
  • Expressions
  • Identifiers
Controlling Statement And Operators
  • Urinary and Ternary Operator
  • If else and types
  • Comment
Iterations & Jumping Statement
  • Loops
  • Switch Case types Of Jumping Statement
  • Functions Concept
Functions & Arrays
  • Recursion
  • Storage Classes
  • Concept Of Array
  • Single Dimensional Arrays
  • Multi- Dimensional Arrays
  • Functions With Arrays
Pointers & Memory Management
  • Types And Concept Of Pointers
  • Referencing Concept and Relation To Pointers
  • Function Pointers Memory Management
  • Array Of Pointers
  • DMA Concept
  • Static Vs Dynamic Memory Allocations
Object Oriented Programming
  • Concept(Class Object and Members of class)
  • Constructors and its types
  • Destructor
  • Structs
  • This Pointer
  • Access Specifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Virtual Function
  • Abstraction
  • Data Encapsulation
Advanced C++
  • String Manipulations
  • File Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Templates & Standard Template Library
  • Vectors
  • Scope Resolution Operator
  • Incline Functions And Outline Functions
  • Time Library And STDLIB.H
  • Namespaces, Modules, Macros
Introduction To Data Structure And Algorithm
  • Time Complexity
  • Introduction To Asymptotic Notations[BIG O, BIG OMEGA, BIG THETA]
  • Bet, Worst And Avg Case Analysis Of An Algorithm
  • Calculate Time Complexity Of Algorithm
  • What Is Array Abstract Data Type In Data Structure?
  • Array as an Abstract Data Type In Data Structure
  • Implementation of Array as an Abstract Data Type
  • Array Operations
  • Insertion Operation In Array
  • Deletion In Array
  • Linear & Binary Search
Linked List
  • Concept Creation & Traversal
  • Insertion Of Node
  • Insertion In A Linked List
  • Deletion In Linked List
  • Deletion Of Node From A Linked List
  • Intro To Circular Linked List
  • Operations In Circular Linked List
  • Intro To Doubly Linked List
  • Intro To Stack In Data Structure
  • Stack Implementation
  • Operations Of Stack [Push, Pop, Isempty, Isfull]
  • Peek Operations In Stack Using Array
  • Other Stack Operations [Stacktop, Stackbottom]
  • Stack Using Linked List
  • Implementation Of Stack Operations Using Linked List
  • Implementation
  • Implementation Using Array
  • Operations Of Queue
  • Circular Queue Introduction
  • Other Queue Operations [Enqueue, Dequeue]
  • Queue Using Linked List And Implementation
  • Double Ended Queue
Introduction To Sorting Algorithm
  • Criteria For Analysis Of Sorting Algorithm
  • Bubble Sort
  • Intro To Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Count Sort
  • Generic Trees
  • Binary Trees
  • Binary Search Trees
Advanced Data Structure & Algorithm
  • Hashmaps
  • Graphs
  • Priority Queues
  • Dynamic Programming

What are the prerequisites for taking that course?

This course does not require any prior programming experience.

What is the average length of a lecture?

A two-hour lecture is the average length of a class.

What if I'm unable to attend a class?

Don't be concerned! You will receive a recording of each lecture that you can refer to if you happen to miss it.

Will I be able to obtain the certificate?

Yes, after the course is completed. Dhruvon will offer you a certificate based on your success on many metrics such as attendance in sessions, assessment scores, and so on.

What is the required internet speed to participate in the session?

A minimum download speed of 4 megabits per second is suggested.

Why should I use C++ instead of other languages?

C++ programmes are directly converted into machine-executable code, resulting in a faster execution time. As a result, it's extensively employed in competitive programming, when performance and storage are expected to be optimised. If you want to learn competitive programming, you should the learn C++ programming language.

How to Learn the C++ Programming Language?

Due to the popularity of C++, there are a variety of solutions, including websites, publications, and online tutorials, that are accessible to beginners. Among a number of resources, Dhruvon Technology. is regarded as an illustrious organisation where you can take step-by-step and learn C++ online course simply. Before proceeding on to more complicated ideas like functions and object-oriented programming, the website provides an introduction to fundamental C++ programming concepts including variables, conditionals and logic, loops, and comments.

How do you choose between C++ Programming Language Online Program /Java Programming Online Course /Learn Python Programming Online /C Programming Online Course?

C++ Programming Language Online Program
If you are working with a domain model which is complex and needs object-oriented programming, then you need to know C++. Other than this, if you are involved in video gaming, graphics and computer vision, and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), C++ is the programming language that you need.
Java Programming Online Course
Java is a must-know programming language if you want to develop Android mobile, desktop applications, or server backends. Also, use Java if you need to write large amounts of code as Java is comprehensive, understandable, and well-structured
Learn Python Programming Online
If you are venturing into the field of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, Python is your go-to programming language. It is helpful in visualization and data analysis. Python is also useful for web development with frameworks like Django. In comparison to many other languages, Python has a very simple syntax.
C Programming Online Course
Learn C programming language if you work with Linux systems as Linux relies heavily on C-program. You can learn C if you use embedded devices that operate as standalone devices. You can also learn C if you write scripts for kernels and drivers.
28 Feb 2024
Schedule Classes
Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timing - 8pm to 10pm
Batch Occupancy 10
Course Fee ₹ 6,000.00 ₹ 4,999.00
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