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Android Application Development With Kotlin

Android Studio helps you in building android app programming, bringing more structured expression and abstraction to the code. Google's preference for Kotlin programming language in libraries, tooling and documentation makes it an object-oriented choice for android app development language.

Learn the official android development language and also use business tools and libraries for game development. You'll be able to produce Play Store apps in very little time, with much less kotlin code, and with minimal downtime if you use these intellij ideas and strategies.

Kotlin is used for practical learning expertise as you create real apps utilising industry best practices and current app architecture, particularly while building android app programming language. You'll learn how to use Android Jetpack elements including Room, which is used for databases, Work Manager, which is used for background processing, and the new Navigation component, among others. To create your app code more swiftly and eloquently. You'll employ important Kotlin operating system capabilities.

Learning to create for Android entaits far more than memorising APls and keyboard shortcuts, it's an open source programme that teaches you how to think like a mobile developer. So get hands-on android programming language as it is recommended for people with no programming or app development experience both. Learn android kotlin app development by enrolling online now!

17 Oct 2022
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Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timing - 7pm to 9pm
Batch Occupancy 10
Course Fee ₹ 6,990.00
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Course Feature

60 Days of Course Duration
45+ hours of live lectures
100 % Live Program
Basic to Advanced Topics
1 Project
10 + Coding Quizzes
100 + Coding questions
24 * 7 Support
Expert Instructors
Affordable fees
Get Certificate
100% Job Assistance
Companies highly recruiting Android Application Development With Kotlin candidates
Why to learn Android Development using Android Studio with Kotlin?
  • The syntax used in Kotlin is much simpler. A developer with prior knowledge of any language can learn Kotlin in a short time frame. Android Studio and Kotlin were both built by JetBrains. Both work seamlessly together in app development. 
  • Google is more oriented towards Kotlin than other languages concerning their libraries, tooling and documentation.
  • Another striking feature of Kotlin is its interoperability with Java code. Like Java, Kotlin also creates bytecode that can be JVM and used with Java code. Getter and Setter's famous classes created in Java can be used in Kotlin.
  • Considering Google's orientation towards Kotlin, it has strong support. Hence, it is a reliable and preferred language.

My experience with Dhruvon was remarkable, everything I learnt was easy to comprehend and it was explained in a very elaborate but brief manner, it was a very easy method to understand such a hard course as it would have taken me months to understand it from someone else. Wherever I had a doubt it was cleared in only a few minutes with proper feedback too.

Gaurav Punjabi

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Dhruv Sharma (course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.

Akshat Kaushik

My Son surprised me with his coding skills & the credit goes to Dhruvon for making his learning so simple yet informative. Dhruvon teaches in Hindi. I believe that's their USP

5000 +
Students mentored
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Hours of training
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What are the prerequisites for taking that course?

This course does not require any prior programming experience but basic knowledge of java will benefit.

What is the average length of a lecture?

A three-hour lecture is the average length of a class.

What if I'm unable to attend a class?

Don't be concerned! You will receive a recording of each lecture that you can refer to if you happen to miss it.

Will I be able to obtain the certificate?

Yes, after the course is completed. Dhruvon will offer you a certificate based on your success on many metrics such as attendance in sessions, assessment scores, and so on.

What is the required internet speed to participate in the session?

A minimum download speed of 4 megabits per second is suggested.

Is Kotlin a better language to use for Android development?

Kotlin's main goal is to make mingled-language projects possible. Enhanced syntax, as well as compact expressions and abstractions, are all introduced in Kotlin. Using Kotlin in conjunction with the Java programming language minimises boilerplate code, which is a big benefit for Android developers.

Is Kotlin appropriate for newcomers?

Kotlin developers are in demand for a variety of reasons. It's a simple language to learn, even for inexperienced programmers. The language is simple and does not necessitate a large amount of supporting code. Native code, Android devices, the Java Virtual Machine, and in-browser script through javascript are all supported by Kotlin.

Which programming language is used for android application development?

As of 2019, Google has designated Kotlin as the primary language for Android app development. An alternative to Java for the structure of android application is the cross-platform programming language Kotlin. Dhruvon Technology is a one-stop destination if you want to learn android app development!

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How to earn the Certificate ?

Upon successful completion of the course you will earn a certificate. Dhruvon will offer you a certificate based on your success on many metrics such as attendance in sessions, assessment scores, and so on.


Kotlin vs Java
Why Kotlin
Setting up environment
Var and Val
Using Java in Kotlin
String Template
If else condition
String Comparison
Null Handling
When Expression
Loop & Range
List & Map
Types of Parameters
Exception Handling with Try
Extension Function
Infix and Operator Overloading
Tail Recursion
Class Object
Secondary Constructor
Abstract Class
Data Class
Anonymous Inner Class
Companion Object
List of objects
Higher Order Function
Filter & Map
Advance Kotlin (Android Development)
Building First App
App Navigation
Activity and Fragment Lifecycle
App Architecture (UI Layer)
Recycler view
DAY 10
Connect to Internet
Behind the Scenes
Designing for Everyone
DAY 11
Using Notifications
Custom Views
Drawing on Canvas Objects
DAY 12
Clipping Canvas Objects
Android Property Animations
Using Motion Layout in Animate Android Apps
DAY 13
Google Maps api with kotlin
Location Services and tracking
Testing: Basics
DAY 14
Test Doubles and Dependency Injection
Survey of Advanced Testing Topics
Implementing Login using firebase