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C Programming Online Course

The C programming language is a general-purpose, operating-system-independent, procedural language to learn that allows structured programming and gives low-level access to system memory. In 1972, the C language has been developed by Dennis Ritchie. Many applications, operating systems (Windows, unix operating systems), and complicated programs have been developed based on the programming knowledge C.

Many modern programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C++, share many similarities with C programming language designed by Dennis Ritchie. The structures provided by online compiler C language are well-suited to general computer programs. It appears in programmes written in assembly language. You will also receive hands-on experience in C online programming ideas by participating in various real-world projects in the areas of economics, media, e-commerce, and so forth. Thus, learn C programming step by step via an online course if you want to understand data types, control instructions, functions, recursion, strings, and arrays in detail.

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17 Oct 2022
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Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timing - 8pm to 10pm
Batch Occupancy 10
Course Fee ₹ 4,000.00
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Course Feature

30 Days of Course Duration
18+ hours of live lectures
100 % Live Program
Basic to Advanced Topics
1 C Project
10 + Coding Quizes
100 + Coding questions
24 * 7 Support
Expert Instructors
Affordable fees
Get Certificate
100% Job Assistance
Companies highly recruiting C Programming Online Course candidates

How do you choose between C Programming Online Course /C++ Programming Language Online Course /Python Programming Online Course /Learn Java Course?

C Programming Online Course
Learn C programming language if you work with Linux systems as Linux relies heavily on C-program. You can learn C if you use embedded devices that operate as standalone devices. You can also learn C if you write scripts for kernels and drivers.
C++ Programming Language Online Course
If you are working with a domain model which is complex and needs object-oriented programming, then you need to know C++. Other than this, if you are involved in video gaming, graphics and computer vision, and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), C++ is the programming language that you need.
Python Programming Online Course
If you are venturing into the field of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, Python is your go-to programming language. It is helpful in visualization and data analysis. Python is also useful for web development with frameworks like Django. In comparison to many other languages, Python has a very simple syntax
Learn Java Course
Java is a must-know programming language if you want to develop Android mobile, desktop applications, or server backends. Also, use Java if you need to write large amounts of code as Java is comprehensive, understandable, and well-structured

My experience with Dhruvon was remarkable, everything I learnt was easy to comprehend and it was explained in a very elaborate but brief manner, it was a very easy method to understand such a hard course as it would have taken me months to understand it from someone else. Wherever I had a doubt it was cleared in only a few minutes with proper feedback too.

Gaurav Punjabi

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Dhruv Sharma (course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.

Akshat Kaushik

My Son surprised me with his coding skills & the credit goes to Dhruvon for making his learning so simple yet informative. Dhruvon teaches in Hindi. I believe that's their USP

5000 +
Students mentored
171000 +
Hours of training
10 +

Will I get the certificate ?

Yes, after the completion of course. Based on your performance on different parameters such as attendance in the sessions, assessment scores, etc. you will be awarded a certificate by Dhruvon.

What is the minimum internet speed required for attending the session ?

A minimum speed of 4 mbps is recommended.

What is the prerequisites before enrolling in the course ?

No prior programming knowledge needed before enrolling in this course.

What exactly are the course's learning goals?

You will be able to do the following during this Dhruvon course: Learn the fundamentals of C programming from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to use sophisticated features in C and how to put them into practice step by step. Gain a comprehensive understanding of data programming: Different kinds of sorting and binary tree search. Learn how to code in C. Complete programming-related exercises and tasks.

What are the benefits of enrolling in this C Programming and Data Structures training course?

Most firms will assess your knowledge of C programming during your post-graduation recruitment. You will be evaluated on all of the skills that you have acquired in this training, whether you are an Electronics Engineer, a BCA student, or an IT graduate. If you want to earn a respectable position in the IT business and become a software solution specialist, this course is your best bet.

What is C Programming, and why is it important to learn?

The C programming course eliminates the distinction between low-level and high-level languages because it is a middle-level language. Low-level memory access, a small collection of keywords, and a clean style are the fundamental characteristics of the C programming language, which make it ideal for software systems like operating system or C language online compiler development.

How many days to learn the C language?

It entirely depends on two factors: 1. How quickly you pick up new information. 2. Your level of interest in learning C programming language. Although we have a number of online courses, our C language course is one of the most popular among both novices and experts. You will be guided, one step at a time, by our programming course while you learn C language online. Don't know how to learn C Programming appropriately? Enroll in our engaging C Course right away.

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How to earn the Certificate ?

Upon successful completion of the course you will earn a certificate. Based on your performance on different parameters such as attendance in the sessions, assessment scores, etc. you will be awarded a certificate by Dhruvon.


  • Why, When, What is C
  • Comparison with other languages
  • Future as well as today’ C
  • Compiler
  • Source code
  • Byte code
  • Boreland , Visual C
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Basic Structure of Program
  • What is DataType
  • Types of DataTypes
  • Variables
  • Types of operators in C
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • QUIZ-1
  • Format specifiers
  • Escape Sequence
  • Conditional Statements
  • If-else Statement
  • Switch case control system
Loops in C
  • For loop
  • Do while
  • While
  • Pattern Programs
  • Number pattern
  • Type Casting
  • Goto Statement
  • Introduction to Functions in C
  • QUIZ-2
Further with Functions
  • Call by value
  • Call by reference
  • Recursion
DAY 10
  • Recursion
DAY 11
Arrays & types of Array
  • One dimensional array
  • Two dimensional array
DAY 12
  • Two dimensional array
  • String & its function
DAY 13
  • Pointers
DAY 14
  • Pointers
DAY 15
  • Structures
  • Typedef
  • Unions
DAY 16
  • File I/O in C
  • QUIZ-3
DAY 17
  • DMA
DAY 18
Project -1
DAY 19
Doubt Class for project 1
DAY 20
Submission of Project 1