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Starting up with Python

Python, a high-level programming language, is interpreted, object-oriented, dynamically typed, structured and functional. It is a popular general-purpose programming language used to develop and design many applications (data science, automation, web development, and software) and is not specialized for any particular problem. This versatility, along with its ease of use for beginners, has made it one of the most widely used programming languages today. Python's straightforward, easy-to-learn syntax prioritizes readability, lowering the cost of program maintenance. Python provides support for modules and packages that, as a consequence, encourage program modularity and code reuse. Developers and non-developers can use Python.

Java Tutorial

For large-scale development, Java is an ideal choice because it is reliable and bug-free. Abstract Data Types (ADT) in Java helps define the data structure. Several built-in data structures available in Java are useful in organizing and managing data effectively. Java Collection Framework provides multiple algorithms that are static methods. It helps a developer in interpreting and analyzing data to derive solutions.