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Dhruvon Technology was started to make coding simple and exciting through the holistic introduction to computer science and programming. We've launched a unique platform composed of young and old coders alike to help the new generation learn how to code.

Our sources can be accessed by anyone from any background - students, housewives and even software engineering aspirants.

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Our Courses
Start your journey as a programmer in the real world by joining our platform for programming courses.

We provide various exciting categories to choose from. Learn high level programming skills and languages, web and mobile application development, data structure and algorithms with us. Get started on planning your perfect data analytics course right now.

Master a Programming Language
Learn Data Structure & Algorithm
Web Development
Mobile Application Development
Data Science & Machine Learning
Learn Python Programming Online
Become a Python programmer for developing software, creating websites, automating tasks and analyzing data. It is an open-source, object-oriented programming language highly preferred in many fields, including data science, machine learning and web development.
C++ Programming Language Online Program
 It is an ideal language for developing high-performance applications as it enables control over system memory and resources. It is widely used in operating systems, Graphic heavy software and embedded systems.
Java Programming Online Course

This object-oriented language is preferred for most back-end application developments. Server-Side applications, Android App, E-Commerce and Financial Services software, are some of the main areas where Java programming is used extensively. Enroll now to learn more.

Data Structures and Algorithms (Python)
Python has a clear edge over other algorithms with simple syntax, interactive mode and fewer coding requirements. Learn more with us!
Data Structures and algorithms (Java)
Java uses an array, linked list, stack, queue, binary tree and a list of the other data structures. It supports random access, ease in sorting and handling of variables. Java supports algorithms using Quick Sort, Insertion, AES and Selection.
Data Structures and algorithms (C++)
C++ provides several containers which support data structures. It can handle simple, compound, static and dynamic data structures. C++ is also best suited for algorithms with efficient memory and system resources.
Django Web Development in Python
Django open-source framework supports a wide variety of web development. Django offers the best framework for rapid and transparent web development using Python. It's a flexible toolkit used for API that makes web development and integration much smoother.
Full Stack Developer Course Online
Agile becoming the standard development methodology, there is a compelling need for Full Stack Developers who can handle both front and back end development along with database and testing. 
100% Job Guaranteed Program

Choose Dhruvon's 100% Job Guarantee Program and unlock opportunities up to 18 LPA*.

Android Application Development With Kotlin

Android Studio helps you in building android apps, bringing more structured expression and abstraction to the code. Google's preference for Kotlin programming language in libraries, tooling and documentation makes it an object-oriented choice for android app development.

Data Science Certification Online

Enhance your career with our professional Data Science and Machine Learning certification program. Our course is designed to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the fast-growing data science industry. 

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of data analytics? Enroll in our Data Analytics Bootcamp and gain the skills that employers demand. Unlock new career opportunities and make impactful decisions powered by data!

Are you not from coding background but wants to start your career in coding?

We offer online programming classes with the goal of making programming accessible to anyone from any background.

Best Stimulations

Exceptional IT and animation facilities provide you with a simplified process. Focus on learning; we’ll do the rest for you.

Group seminars

Widen your horizons with group discussions and sessions with your fellow students and teachers.

Analysed syllabus

We’ve curated a syllabus of topics and subtopics. The detailed support provided in the syllabus allows you to follow a detailed learning plan.

Practical Training

Complete short training sessions that will seamlessly help you develop programming skills. Find simple training for your interest now!


My experience with Dhruvon was remarkable, everything I learnt was easy to comprehend and it was explained in a very elaborate but brief manner, it was a very easy method to understand such a hard course as it would have taken me months to understand it from someone else. Wherever I had a doubt it was cleared in only a few minutes with proper feedback too.

Gaurav Punjabi

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Dhruv Sharma (course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.

Akshat Kaushik

My Son surprised me with his coding skills & the credit goes to Dhruvon for making his learning so simple yet informative. Dhruvon teaches in Hindi. I believe that's their USP



What are programming languages?

A programming language is a vocabulary and grammar system used to give instructions to a computer or other computing equipment so that it can carry out particular activities. High-level languages like BASIC, C, C++, Java programming, etc. are typically referred to as programming languages. For structuring computer commands, every language has a distinct collection of keywords and a different syntax.

Why is learning programming languages important?

By learning programming, students can get entry to the dynamic, exciting field that depends on machine interactions. They are in a significantly superior position to contribute to corporate alliances and maximise the return on technology investments because they can apply these abilities to a variety of different industries. Considering that programmers are in high demand across the globe and that technology is an open industry, you can not only earn a competitive pay but also have the freedom to decide what kind of job you want to pursue and where!

What career opportunities can arise from learning programming languages?

Computer programming is a sector where people seeking a competitive career can combine inventiveness, analytics, and exploration. Its strength and adaptability make it suitable for a range of tasks and applications. Computer programming is used in almost every business. If you're a learner or potential employee, you can choose a field that inspires you, whether you want to work for a large corporation or support a startup. Software developers and software engineers, computer systems analysts, database administrators and architects, web developers and digital designers, computer and information research scientists, and operations research analysts are a few professions that use computer programming course.

How can online courses help me learn programming languages?

Programming positions are in high demand currently. But even without a typical computer science degree, you still need the ideal institution to help you get one of them if you want to succeed in the profession of computer programming. Dhruvon Technology is usually at the top of everyone's list whether they are professionals opting for programming languages online courses with certificates or complete beginners. To learn more about our programming course, contact us!

What is the difference between coding and programming?

A machine-readable programming language is used when coding, a subset of programming. Programming is a technique for creating comprehensive software or products that follow specific rules and serve specific purposes.

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