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Privacy Policy

Regarding the utilization of our services, Dhruvon Technology may collect, gather, use, share, or process the information when you are using our services. 

We gather the data to improve the quality of services we provide. We ensure we use your personal and sensitive data as per the terms of our Privacy Policy. If users come across any legal terms that are inconclusive or confusing, they can directly refer to our 'terms and conditions policy' to get a clear understanding. Our company doesn’t use your information for any personal requirements apart from what is in the privacy policy. 

A. Gathering Information 

1. We will ask users to provide us with basic details that will help us identify or contact them in case we require information (legal proceedings, product & service improvement, etc.). We can ask you for some personal and sensitive data too. 

However, users can see the following heads:

  • User’s name;
  • User’s email address;
  • User’s phone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender;
  • The account details (may ask users for your profile, course, etc.);
  • The input of all the content users have been sharing using the mentioned account;
  • Data input of the device users use;
  • Data disclosed by users during the use of our services;
  • The data of any survey or promotions by our company;
  • Data of the services users use of our company

2. Our company gathers all the information your browser transfers when users visit Dhruvon Technology, referring to log data. The log data helps us observe the network of our users and contain the following components:

  • User’s IP address;
  • User’s browser type;
  • User’s device details;
  • User’s time and date of a website visit;
  • User’s version of the browser;
  • The pages of our website user visits;
  • The time user spends on the other pages of our website;
  • Some other user’s statistics;
  • The geographical location of the user includes country, city, coordinates ( one can get an approximate using your IP address)

3. We may gather some of your financial information (required) while users make payments for using our services. In turn our payment partners will help us keep your data safe and secure. 

4. We might bring a third party into the picture by using their features of analyzing the information users enter. For example, cookies, advertisements, etc. to keep an eye on the services of our company. The third parties will govern the services using their respective privacy policies. We would request users to have a look at the same. 

I. Cookies

Cookies remember all the information when you visit the website. This information helps us improve your experience for website visits and personalize all the steps users perform. Cookies will guide users to log in to our website and recognize when users avail our services. 

A small text is sent to your browser when users visit a website. Users always have the option to withdraw their consent from sharing their personal information on the website. 

However, our website may not allow users to get access to certain pages or content if they choose to deny the permission to share your information.

II. Digital advertising

Dhruvon Technology uses Facebook, Google, or other third-party services for digital advertising to give users access to past searches. This type of online advertising on our website aims at showing users the advertisements targeting your interests (with the help of information saved on our website). The advertisements that users will come across on our website will be filtered keeping in mind your interest, taste, and your past & recent activities on our website. 

We restrict ourselves from providing individually identifiable information to third-party service providers. However, we may provide the aggregate data to personalize your experience. For example, we may give them the data input stating the number of users under a certain age group who clicked on a certain advertisement on the website. We can also share specific data with them to help them define the target audience they want to reach to advertise their products and services. 

III. Analytics (Google Analytics)

We collect all the necessary data from users to improve and personalize our services for a better user experience. This data helps us provide users with relevant and targeted information. As a result, we understand the user behavior on different devices better. 

You can visit Google Ad settings to stop sharing your data with the website. Once you prevent Google from sharing your data, you can prevent other websites from getting access to your website.

Analytics uses cookies, scripts, customized links, tags, and browser finger-prints to analyze the information like:

  • Frequency of your website visits;
  • Events user perform under the services;
  • Your usage and performance;
  • The website user arrives from.
B. Information Usage

Our website collects information to provide better and personalized services to our users. Users can also keep in mind the following usages:

  • Troubleshooting any issue that a user comes across;
  • Analyzing the user’s experience;
  • Improving the already existing products and services to enhance the user’s experience;
  • Preventing the company from any fraud, cheating, or abuse;
  • Developing the new services, products, features, rules, etc;
  • Maintaining communication with the users;
  • Updating the services as per the changing requirements of the users;
  • Our website collects the data to keep a track record of trends, traffic, purchases, data usage, etc. 
  • We may contact users by calling or emailing them to offer our new services or inform them about our products. Once our users have registered with us, we will send promotional offers, offers to mention the third party company, etc. We may require their individually identifiable information to carry out the following process. However, we still stand by the rules of not sharing the data (apart from the aggregate information) with any third-party service provider to maintain their privacy. 
C. Information sharing policies

We may share your data with some of our third-party partners like instructors, students, and companies who are helping us run promotional surveys and advertisements on our website. The data of users is kept confidential for security issues. Therefore, when in need, we can share your data for any legal compliances, security, or any corporate formalities. Other than these functions, Dhruvon Technology only share data publicly or for any other use after getting the consent of the user or if it is unidentifiable. 

Read the brief to know information sharing in detail:

I. Instructors

We may share some basic details with your instructor. For example, language, device settings, the third-party website you arrived from, website activities, etc. We may also share your contact details and email address with our website instructor or assistants to better your experience.

II. Students

When you enroll or register with us, you are directed to a certain setting to show your account publicly. As per your settings and directions, we may show your account to other students and instructors of our company. This way, other students will be able to view the account actions you perform. 

III. Service providers, agents, or contractors

We also share the user’s data with our service providers who perform a few services on our behalf to improve customer experience. The service providers help us with payment processing, data analysis, emailing, hosting, customer support, marketing, and advertising. These service providers, with the help of data provided to them, may reach out to you. 

IV. Partners

We already have agreements with our partners to distribute our products and services and increase the traffic on our website. We share your data according to the location you share with us. 

V. Legal compliances 

We also disclose your information in good faith when we see that it is:

  • Permitted and necessary by law or government proceedings;
  • Inevitable to enforce the terms of use or policies;
  • Required to stop or prevent fraud, cheating, misuse, abuse, or any illegal events. 
  • Preventing the violation of laws or technical issues;
  • Required by our auditors, lawyers, or any other legal authority to continue the operations of the company;
  • Required to maintain the safety of other users;
  • Required to prevent any kind of harm to our users, employees, company, or services.
VI. Administration of promotions and surveys

We may share your information to promote, sponsor, or market the surveys you select to be a part of. However, this will only be shared as per the rules laid for surveying. 

D. Safety & security

We maintain high-quality safety and security of the sensitive data we have in store with us. We also assume you are aware of the possibility of fraudulent and unidentified access to your data via different internet-based platforms. 

The password to the respective user’s account is the key to their data. Therefore, we consider it is a user’s responsibility to keep their password safe and secure. In case you notice any unusual or uncommon events on your account, you must reach out to us as soon as possible for us to take charge of the unnecessary activities on your account. We will take immediate action to protect your data against any alteration, unidentifiable access, or disclosure of your data. 

E. Review the data input

We would like you to review the data you share with us frequently to ensure it is accurate and genuine. We are accountable for the sensitive information you share with the company. The password, contact details, etc., constitute sensitive information you share. 

Our company will be ready to address all of your grievances, discrepancies, and doubts regarding sensitive personal information or any other type of information. 

F. Data Retention

We do not save any personal sensitive information for of any users. We use the information according to the privacy policy and use the data till the time the law permits us. In case users demand to delete the data, we abide by it. However, there is a 100% possibility of a public copy getting stored in our system. As we have mentioned in C (II), students might save the data you choose to share on your account. 

We are assuming you are very well aware of internet behavior. Therefore, any data or other information you earlier chose to delete might also exist somewhere on the internet or can be retained by any other user. However, we may also retain the data for our operational purposes, including analytical functions, internal processing, etc. 

G. Rights

You reserve the right to choose the use of information you have shared with us. You can exercise your right to opt out of any activity you feel doesn’t or shouldn’t concern you. For example, you can stop promotional offers, emails, calls, or cookies to get access to your data. As a result, you can also withdraw or cancel the services at any given point in time. However, you can also contact us if you want individual assistance and support. 

We will be ready to amend, review, or rectify any information provided by you to us in the past. We also allow our users to withdraw their consent to share the information. As a result, you might face certain problems while using the platform once you revoke the consent to share your information with the company. 

For example, if we need any of your sensitive data to get access to your account to update the services or products you have been using, the same will not be available after the withdrawal of consent or access. 

H. Service Provider Links

We partner with many websites and companies to perform functions on your behalf. Therefore, you will notice many links on the website during your visit. When you click on one of such links, you will be directed to a different website that has its privacy policies. 

Note: We do not hold ourselves accountable or responsible for any of the activities you perform on one of these websites. If you plan to share your data on one of these websites or buy any products or services, we require you to check and analyze every personal information you share. 

I. Embeds

While visiting our website, you will come across many posts, blogs, videos, etc., from other websites. These are referred to as ‘embeds’ that are hosted by third parties. We are not responsible for anything that these third parties perform or ask on the website. Therefore, we do not include the third party in our privacy policies. 

The debs on the platform may ask you to share personal details like phone number, email address, etc. In case you share this personal information with a third party, we won't be able to track what they are doing with it. Therefore, we request you to be cautious while sharing any detail with a third party. 

J. Amendments

Our company will bring modifications and changes frequently in the policy to ensure that the data our users share with us is in safe hands. We try our best to protect your data from fraudulent and unauthorized access. You can also access updated privacy policies through the same link. 

K. Disclaimer

We take utmost care of all the data you share with us. Even though we cannot guarantee you the safety of your data, we take all the necessary measures to give you a safe platform. We will request you to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy for the smooth operation of all the functions. 

Intellectual Property Policy

The content on the platform (tests, notes, assignments, blogs, documents, assignments, videos, images, graphics, software, maps, sounds, photos, interactive tools, HTML files, etc.) may be or are owned by Dhruvon Technology. The website will also show logos, trademarks, and other authenticity symbols operated by Dhruvon Technology. In addition to this, we may showcase the links, logos, and videos of the third-party service providers who work on our behalf. We enter into partnerships and agreements with the third party, but we strictly request you to refrain from sharing any personal information without proper observation and analysis. However, we do not hold any claims from these websites. 

We have protected our trademarks, logos, and other graphics under trademark laws, Indian laws, and other international laws. Therefore, we request you to refrain from copying any of the images, reproducing the same content, downloading or distributing the content on your behalf without our prior consent. If we find any such activities under progress, we shall take strict actions specified under the law. We hold the authority to suspend your account and forfeit the dues if we find any such activities in due action. 

We have developed third-party hosts and content for the same. We ensure that every piece of content published on our page is original and plagiarism-free. Therefore, we take strict action on your cost and liability when we identify an infringement. 

  • Infringement material in use - We like to ensure we cite all the materials we use from any third party in existence. Therefore, we request the instructor, third party, and others to get the license as required for us to authorize the course. 
  • Report the Infringement - If you feel any infringement of trademark or content privacy policy, you can directly report it to us at  contact@dhruvon.com. We ensure to take immediate action after you file a complaint with us. 
  • Mention the required information - While filing a complaint, mention all the necessary details like your full legal name, email address, phone number, physical address, etc. Submit a self-declaration certificate and the original material (cause of infringement). Prevent yourself from submitting any false claims to avoid legal complications.  
  • Agent - You can contact us at contact@dhurvon.com to get in touch with the designated agent of our company.