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Our Mission

We aim to educate and train professional software engineers for our community and the entire world. We want to reduce the gap between the industry-required level of techniques and the level of techniques taught at traditional institutions. Thus, at Dhruvon we ensure the following step by step;

Making People Interested in Coding

The programming course is a great deal of fun because, unlike other topics, you get to put what you've learned into practice right away. Dhruvon aims to pique students' interest by giving them practical learning experiences with every idea taught in class.

Discovering New Prospects

We build self-assured developers who go behind industrial employment and turn their visions into self-starting businesses. Learning to code gives creators the confidence to turn their concepts into real-world products, with the goal of eventually building multimillion-dollar businesses, whether in game development or web design.

Connecting Employers and Talent

We not only teach the Best Online Programming Courses using the most up-to-date computer science technology, but we also help them find jobs in the software industry through our placement assistance programme. This programme provides a variety of interview issues to practise as well as practice interviews with company executives.

We urge you to attend the Dhruvon Programming Languages Online Course, whether you are a recent high school graduate, a university student, a working professional looking to transfer domains to Software/IT, or simply someone looking to improve their coding skills. We will craft up a training route for you based on your knowledge and experience and will help you to become a brilliant programmer. Enroll on our online coding courses right now!

What is Coding, and why is it important to learn?

Coding refers to the act of issuing commands to computers in a language that they can fully comprehend. Coding is what transforms computer or Internet-related possibilities into reality, including front-end web development, software, apps, and websites with graphical user interfaces. Coding is crucial to learn since it provides career versatility, it has a high potential earnings, there is a high demand for employment connected to coding, it offers a fresh approach to problem-solving, and, most essential, it can be beneficial in roles you might not anticipate.

How can online courses help you learn Coding?

Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, HTML, and CSS are the programming languages that are covered in the online coding lessons offered by Dhruvon Technology. For all programming languages, project-based training offers learners and business professionals the opportunity to obtain practical experience in studying coding languages thanks to the most reliable infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.

Why to learn from Dhruvon Courses ?

Live mentor Sessions
Live Doubt Solving
Expert Industry Mentors
Affordable Fees
Courses For Everyone

Our Courses

Master a Programming Language
Learn Data Structure & Algorithm
Web Development
Mobile Application Development
Data Science & Machine Learning
Master a Programming Language
Learn Data Structure & Algorithm
Web Development
Mobile Application Development
Data Science & Machine Learning


My experience with Dhruvon was remarkable, everything I learnt was easy to comprehend and it was explained in a very elaborate but brief manner, it was a very easy method to understand such a hard course as it would have taken me months to understand it from someone else. Wherever I had a doubt it was cleared in only a few minutes with proper feedback too.

Gaurav Punjabi

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain some knowledge with Python. Dhruv Sharma (course instructor) is the man! He explains things really well and shows great examples throughout his explanation. Again I highly recommend it.

Akshat Kaushik

My Son surprised me with his coding skills & the credit goes to Dhruvon for making his learning so simple yet informative. Dhruvon teaches in Hindi. I believe that's their USP