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What is Python Used For?

There are many websites and online tutors that allow you to learn python coding online. However, most students do not know what to do about this theoretical knowledge. Our experience in python programming and teaching programming has provided a comprehensive overview of the language and its uses. This article provides a brief insight into the practical uses of Python.

Learn Python Programming Online

Top 6 Applications of Python

Once you learn Python programming online, you can implement the knowledge in the following applications:

Web development

Web development is the primary reason why many people learn Python coding online. The programming language can be used to develop the backend of a website or a mobile or web application. Python is primarily responsible for sending data to servers and receiving data from servers. As a result, all data and communication services, URL routing, and data security measures are done in Python frameworks. The most commonly used ones are Flask and Django. Python can be used by backend developers, full-stack developers, DevOps, and even software developers.

Software testing, building, and prototyping

Python is extremely useful for software developers. The programming language can help developers build prototypes of backends of websites, mobile, and web applications. Python is extremely helpful in control building, bug tracking, and prototype testing. This makes Python a favoured language for new software development and testing.


Programmers often have to rewrite the same code over and over again if they wish to integrate the feature into multiple parts of the software. This is an inefficient process that can be solved with Python. When you learn Python programming online, you will also learn automation processes. These processes are called scripting. Scripting can be used to check for errors across multiple lines of code, to convert files, and remove duplicate files or lines of code. Automation is relatively easy to learn, and even beginners can learn how to automate tasks.

Machine learning

A significant portion of machine learning is dependent on data analysis and data science. Python is quickly becoming a favoured language of data scientists. It allows them to conduct complex calculations and statistical analysis rapidly. Furthermore, it can also be used to create visualisations and build machine learning algorithms. The swift data analysis, manipulation, and completion tools further improve the applications of Python in this field.

Game development

Python includes two main frameworks that developers can use to create games: pygame and pyglet. The pygame library includes all the basic concepts of Python programming as well as attractive graphics, animations, and sounds. As a result, developers can use the library to create video games with suitable animations and sounds. Since the library is quite comprehensive, it can be used to create a complete gaming experience.

Business application development

Most businesses opt to create custom enterprise, resource planning, and human resource management software. For this, Python is often the programming language used. Odoo is all-in-one management software. It offers a wide range of applications that can be used to customise a complete suite of enterprise management applications. The same can also be said for Tryton.

These are the top six practical applications of learning Python online. Python is a versatile language that can be used for a variety of applications other than these. If you wish to know more applications of Python, visit our website to learn more.