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Top Programming Languages in 2022

A computer programming language is a set of rules used in computer programming to execute certain algorithms. They are the tools to write specific commands that suggest a list of tasks that the computer needs to perform to give the desired output.

Computers can only understand strings of 0's and 1's. Computer programming languages allow the commands to be translated to the language understood by the computer and then translate the output given by the computer to the language understood by humans. Hence they act as a mode of communication between humans and computers.

Programming Languages Online Course

Since the initial models of computers were invented in the early 1800s, several computer languages have been developed and are in common usage. Technology has made it easier than ever before to learn computer programming languages at one's convenience. There are many programming languages online courses. Do your research and enrol in the best online programming courses to master any computer programming language you wish to learn.

Top 6 Computer Programming Languages and their Uses

To help you get started, here are some top computer programming languages that you can delve into.

1. Python

Python is a well-known object-oriented, general-purpose programming language used for various applications from web development to machine learning to data science. It consists of high-level data structures, dynamically-types, expressive, and interpreted languages, making it a useful tool for complex application development. Due to its ability to run on almost every system architecture, Python is considered a universal language adopted in applications such as game development, data science, CAD applications, etc.

2. Java

Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language that has been used for years now. It is indispensable for large enterprises to develop their web application. Being stable and flexible, it can run on almost every operating system. Java is commonly used in mobile applications, scientific applications, and big data technologies development.

3. C/C++

Both C and C++ have significance in the world of programming. C being the basic programming language, helps users access basic computer operations. C++ is an object-oriented programming language used for competitive programming due to its fast and stable performance rate. They provide Standard Template Library (STL), a collection of ready-to-use libraries for various data structures, arithmetic operations, and algorithms.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language used to implement complex features on web pages. The layouts displayed on a website are more than what they appear. The maps, animated objects, and scrolling videos are programmed using JavaScript.

5. Golang (or Go)

Go is an open-source code, strongly typed, compiled language written to build concurrent and scalable software. Golang was invented by Rob Pike, Ken Thomson, and Robert Griesemer. Golang is designed for reliable, simple, and efficient software. Go can be used on any platform where speed and networking are the top priority.

6. Swift

Swift is a computer programming language majorly used to develop iOS applications. This language has evolved over the years and gained widespread popularity and is backed by Apple. With the growth of Apple's shares, Swift is drawing attention and is increasingly being used by top companies like Facebook, Uber, Khan Academy, Lyft, LinkedIn, etc.

We are living in a world of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and robotics are evolving faster than ever before. Technology is thriving today in healthcare, defence, infrastructure, and households. Computer programming languages can act as the key to unlocking new opportunities.

There are many available in the market. One can choose the best online programming courses based on individual requirements after comparing reviews and course details.