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Top Companies That Need Full-Stack Developers

Full Stack Development has become the need of the hour for almost all companies relying on software and web applications. The capability of full-stack developers to ideate, design and develop the entire tech stack from front end to backend has made them immensely valuable to businesses. As software starts to permeate every industry, the role of full-stack developers has become crucial for companies across sectors ranging from tech giants to startups. The demand for a Full Stack Developer Course with Certification Online is at an all-time high. Let's explore the companies that use full-stack development actively!

Top Companies That Need Full-Stack Developers


Google is legendary for using the best technologies and always employing top talent across all roles. As one would expect, Google relies heavily on full-stack developers to build and maintain its suite of products. Google uses a mix of JavaScript, Python, Java and Go for its backend and JavaScript, HTML and CSS for frontend development. Some of Google's popular products built and maintained by full-stack developers are Search, Gmail, Drive, Maps, and YouTube.


Amazon leads the eCommerce and cloud business and uses cutting-edge web development. Full stack roles are in high demand at Amazon where they need experts to build both the customer-facing websites as well as the infrastructure running behind the scenes. Amazon uses a diverse range of technologies with Java, Python, JavaScript, and Node.js being the top choices. Many full-stack developers at Amazon work on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.


Facebook employs tens of thousands of engineers across roles but full-stack developers form a significant portion. They work on a whole suite of products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The main technologies used at Facebook for full-stack development are PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Facebook has open-sourced several tools and frameworks built by their developers which have become industry standards. You can also master these skills when you enroll for a Full Stack Developer Certification Online by Dhruvon!


Microsoft employs full-stack developers to develop and maintain its many products and services. The Azure cloud platform and Office 365 are built using Microsoft's preferred languages - C#, .NET and TypeScript. However, the diverse product portfolio requires developers proficient in a range of languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python and Java as well. Microsoft hires full-stack engineers not just for software development but also for roles focused on AI, IoT and cloud.


Netflix employs full-stack developers for building and scaling its video streaming platform. Recognizing that end-to-end skillsets are needed for complex projects, Netflix has many full-stack engineers on staff. They work on both frontend applications as well as backend services and infrastructure. The key technologies and languages used at Netflix are Python, Java, JavaScript and Node.js. Developers at Netflix have to think about scalability and reliability from the beginning owing to the massive scale of Netflix's services.


Salesforce's success is built on CRM products delivered as SaaS to businesses worldwide. Full-stack developers are critical to continually evolving and optimising these products. Salesforce allows its developers to choose from multiple programming languages and frameworks. Some of the popular options are Apex (Salesforce's proprietary language), Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#. Full-stack engineers at Salesforce build everything from the UI to integrations with third-party services. Interested? Get a Full Stack Developer Certification Online when you learn with Dhruvon!


Twitter's flagship product, the platform where millions share and consume real-time information, is built and run by full-stack developers. They work on the Twitter website, mobile apps as well as the backend infrastructure. Twitter uses a mix of programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript for full-stack development. The architecture employed by Twitter poses unique scaling challenges which attract experienced full-stack engineers.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, full-stack development is a key role in the success of tech giants across industries - be it ecommerce, social media, cloud or software. The diverse skillsets required to develop features from end-to-end make full-stack engineers highly valuable to companies. By learning full stack development through an industry-relevant course like Full Stack Developer Certification Online from Dhruvon in collaboration with ACM IIT Dhanbad and a 100% Job Placement Guarantee, you can land your dream job at top companies that rely on this in-demand skillset.