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How can I learn C++ programming language online?

C++, one of the most popular languages in game development, was created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is a branch of the earlier C programming language. In recent times, high position languages, similar to Python, Java, and JavaScript, have surpassed C++ in operation and popularity. This leads developers to think: Is C++ a relevant language to learn, and is it of any use today?

How can I learn C++ programming language online?

The answer to both is a solid yes. Let’s find out why.

Why is C++ Still in Use Today? Here are the top 6 reasons:


C++ plays a vital role in cybersecurity. C++ is a commonly used, low-level computer programming language that can access low-level IT infrastructure such as RAM and system processes, which are most prone to hacking attacks.

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac OS, and numerous other desktop apps are in the C++ language. C++ is the heart of many operating systems because of its low latency.


Postgres and MySQL, two of the most advanced open-source databases, are in the C++ language. These databases are the most extensively used worldwide.

Programming Libraries

C++ is used to develop numerous high position libraries like TensorFlow because of its high speed.

Cyber Surfers

The cyber surfer you are using to find an answer is in the C++ language. Many of Google’s open-source projects use C++ as their development language.


C++ is versatile and opens up plenty of opportunities in the job market. It is used in a multitude of industries, including software and game development, VR, robotics, and scientific computing.

Modern languages like Python, Kotlin, PHP, and Swift, may be easy and more appealing compared to C/C++, but a C/C++ programmer is a valuable asset, and companies know it. Knowing C++ is a prerequisite for a good programmer.

How can I learn the C++ programming language online?

There’s no shortage of C++ tutorials and C++ courses online that you can take to further your learning. If you are new to programming, you should begin with C++ basics. This will help you learn a new language with a more solid foundation. If you have already learned the basics, then intermediate C++ tutorials online will guide you to explore the concepts.

The online lectures are designed in such a way that you can easily get basic to advanced knowledge of the course. The best thing about an online course is that there is Teaching Assistant support. You can ask as many doubts as you want. They clear doubts without any delay. YouTube videos are good, but if you get stuck, then you do not have a support system to clear your doubts.

Learning platforms like Dhruvon Technology are a good way to get started. Their C++ Programming Online Course strikes a balance between theory and practice problems that are covered over a duration of 30 days.


In an era where speed is everything, C++ is used to create some of the fastest software in the market. Its compilation and execution are much quicker compared to other programming languages.

Many resources are available online to learn C++. If you are new to learning the language, you might find it slightly overwhelming and complicated. However, once you’ve taken the time to understand the basics, master the code, and overcome compilation errors, it will be smooth sailing.